I believe that creativity helps keep our imagination alive and makes our lives interesting. Our mind, will and emotion is uplifted by art. I believe God gave artists this mantel with a specific purpose in mind. One of which is to feed the human soul and to inspire us. For me, life without art has no soul. My approach to creating works of art is never planned. I love to create without thinking to hard about what I'm going to do. In doing that, I create my best work. God has given me the gift of artistry and it is to His glory that I present these works of art to the public.

Art is a constant spiritual and physical movement dictated by life’s experiences. While studying at the Corcoran School of Art, I was afforded the opportunity to explore the works of Picasso, Matisse and Kandinsky. Their emphasis on depth of shapes, line and theories of color helped create the textural foundation of my work.

Washington, D.C. has a diverse art scene, inclusive of some of the country's most famous artists, including painter Charles Sebree.


There are three major themes consistent throughout the majority of my work: image as document, oppression vs. agency, and experimental works.

When my images serve as documentation, the exploration of a particular subject through research takes place before the images are developed. Text and images are created/collected. A visual language is slowly developed and encrypted with messages, recording fragments of information surrounding a particular personal or social issue. All of this is pulled together to create works. The issue of oppression vs. agency continues to be a reoccurring theme. These works are my attempt to

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Papisco’s paintings depict an unconcealed artistic brutality, fortitude complication, and a dense world with different levels of understanding and interpretation.

First nothing is polished, polite or conventional. He works with passion and always throws himself into a profound mystery of daily life. These paintings are expressions of sincere thoughts, they exploit times, they influence, depict topics, and display cultures.


Born out of objectivity and subjectivity, my work aims to transform various cultural languages and systems into a single visual hypothesis. It is, at once, a response to the things that might have been felt viscerally and sensed and experienced externally. Specifically, scientific theory dealing with chaos, complexity and the nature of the universe has had a deep impact on my visual thinking. My work references motion, movement and

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Art is what I must do. There is / has never been anything else. Art is life for me. Family, breath, growth is all viewed through the prism of art. Miles Davis said the artist are “Seekers”. Born during the civil rights Black consciousness movement. Educated within traditional American arts which emphasized espoused European values. I was fortunate enough to be inoculated with the coming respect for Black diaspora culture. When we can see the beauty in ourselves as part of the world history, culture and future. The fact that our capabilities are

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According to Dr. Kaku, our world is made up of vibrating strings. He says, “The Mind of God is music resonating in eleven dimensions throughout hyperspace!” Through synesthesia, I hear and feel the resonance of color as sound, subtle yet visceral vibration. I experience the color deep blue, for instance, as a phenomenon which lies within a dimension of being - within which I can travel through. For me, all theories point to musical resonance. This idea informs my art practice using both Eastern philosophy and Western  ... More

I fell in love with art from an early age. Growing up in Washington, D.C. with a single mother of four boys, she knew she had to find our passion early. As a result I discovered a passion for art after seeing a portrait of Frederick Douglass at the Frederick Douglass home in Anacostia. I was later mentored by renowned portrait painter Simmie Knox who was the first African American portrait artist to paint a sitting President and was the very artist who painted the Frederick Douglass portrait that


Creating art is one of the most difficult things I have ever done and the most rewarding. My newest work is a combination of traditional photography and digital manipulation. Other mediums that I use are pen and ink, watercolor, acrylic, pastel and wood carving.

What I do artistically is part of what I believe can be classified as a distinct genre in art, African American art. It is distinct because it comes out of a particular (although not monolithic) shared historical and sociopolitical reality, one that is unique to African Americans. This art cannot be totally divorced from what is known, as a broad category of art, African art. African art cannot be reduced to a monolithic category that can be easily separated from its expression in diaspora.


I grew up to the music of the African American experience of my time, from Motown to Miles. I discovered color when my parents sent me to Saturday morning art classes, my life was transformed. Pastels, water colors, oil paints and brushes became a very shy girls’ best friends. The smell of pigment was intoxicating, allowing me to retreat into a world colored by me. Along with white gloves and finishing school manners, my parents gave me creativity, curiosity,


I create to show a different side of life. Growing up we were surrounded by negativity in our neighborhoods. We rarely got a chance to see art as we view art today. What influenced me was street art and performers. I realized at an early age that we are the vessels that get to create the beauty. So when I create I like to share the beauty that I see in the world. There are so many negative aspects of our world today. I want to challenge people to look beyond what they see on the surface and grasp the true beauty and nature of what they experience.

My work pays tribute to African contemporary and traditional women. Traveling constantly between continents (Africa, America and Europe), my art reflects my position as an insider and an outsider to a society that witnesses societal changes in which women have active roles. My work examines the agents of Westernization and globalization as seminal in defining and redefining the image of African

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While studying art in school, I realized the strong lack of African American representation throughout commonly studied art history. Though I was introduced to some notable African American artists, there weren’t many works that I felt reflected me as a black man. My works explore identity and class through this lens. All of my paintings are connected to my own personal experiences in some way.


I am a passionate artist, who views things differently while in front of a canvas or an artwork. Art has always been my greatest medium of expressing myself.

I use paint to achieve amazing action packed sceneries, like a creative artistry is seen in work of art through skillful design and arrangement that dissipates the beauty of creation in the hands of a master artisan.

I'm on a never-ending quest to find truth and beauty in it's most natural form.

This is reflected in my choice of figures in my pieces; paying homage to those who have in some way shaped my view of the world, and positively affected my evolution as an artist, father and man.

I've always liked to draw, sketch or paint.  It's an extension of how I live my life: positive and energetic and making it fun.  I like rich colors that dance on the canvas.  My art flows from my spirit, I think.  My hands take over and put it on my canvas.

My inspiration comes from people, places and materials that speak to me. I am constantly experimenting to come up with new ideas by using textural lines and mass to express my emotion, and the connections of people and their cultures. Selecting and connecting objects come organically as I build each piece. Presently I am constructing three dimensional pieces as well as wall sculptures. It gives me great pleasure to put life into the materials I use. The satisfaction is in the process.

I have always thought of myself as a visual storyteller—hidden stories, the stories of brief moments, empty spaces and people made invisible or distorted or silenced by history. My intention continues to be to snatch your brain, grab your attention and hold it fast. Nowadays I work digitally, creating images that combine the human form, textures, and places; elaborating digital collages using primarily Photoshop.

My creative practice expands six decades. At the age of 88 I am an active artist, continuing to make editioned prints and exhibiting my work nationally. Building on my artistic practice in metalsmithing, textile design, painting and printmaking, I use nonrepresentational imagery, spontaneity and improvisation to convey the idea of ancestral memory.

My work is an exploration of geometric shapes, texture and color informed by life-long memories of personal experiences and cultural


I see myself as a cultural working using my expressivity to participate in the celebration and creation of Africana culture; I am a part of a collective effort and a member of a community. Also, art is autobiographical in its implications and details so it allows my personal voice, with its mastery and shortcomings, to say that I am here and willing to share.

I am an artist with a passion for Nature and Materiality. When walking through cities or the countryside, I am attracted to aesthetic attractions I encounter. Back in my crowded studio, I thrive on a sense of discovery when combining new elements into fresh artworks.

Risk-taking is something I really enjoy for the surprises that result, always worthwhile. While my heart swells with sensitivity and feelings about the work, my mind wanders over the entire length and breadth of the work until it is finished.


Vibration Lines detailed drawings, paintings evolved, and created on a force of their own. She considers herself merely a vessel, asked to create works that contain messages for the viewer. She considers her work to be healing and involving outer dimensions and realities that the super conscious or third eye can attain. Her work is meant to inspire the viewer to reflect, to ponder and to believe in the unseen, and to connect within.


Bible stories and passages remembered from my youth influence my current series of paintings. In various ways, these themes seek to assuage the turbulent and divisive social and political climate that our society is experiencing in this period of time.

Mekbib’s work transcends the various African cultures into visual celebration. Mekbib’s interest in this approach stems from the deep understanding of African cultures: such as, various ritual ceremonies, cultural attires, dense layers of iconography and sacred imagery and the vibrant color amalgamating with Western art. Mekbib’s re-contextualizing these myriad cultural motifs into his own visual lexicon to celebrate and understand them visually. I call this way of celebrating and understanding of the African art, history, civilization, and culture, Africanism. He wishes to receive acceptance and recognition in this ism.

My art demonstrates the poetic and lyrical beauty of the power of the mind conjuring up ancient relic modes of transportation. These distinct images document, and promote the diverse history and culture, of our nation’s capital and surrounding areas. Each image is inclusive of multiple historic locales that narrate its own story.

I present my environmental fine art photography with figurative subjects to depict the revered cityscapes, landscapes,


"My art is generated by three forces which drive and form the essence of my creative process. The first is the great fascination I have for the ancient and the past in what constitutes the roots of my inspiration and the repository of my unconscious memory. The second is my aim to create an art that is responsive to its time and space, considering my continuous translocations and acquaintances, exploring different cultural trends in a manner that allows me to communicate with new environments and reinvent myself continuously. The third and last force is the excitement about