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THANK YOU, for patronizing our February, 2019 ART EXHIBIT: the opening, the closing, and the month long visitation.  Your contributions, purchases, and donations are benefiting our Scholarship Fund and providing art supplies/equipment for the Howard University School of Fine Arts.  Our terrific souvenir catalogues are still available for purchase: 2 for $40.00.


To order, contact Timothy Robinson, at or call him at

(404) 317-1376. Please provide your name, address, phone number, and email address.

THE ART of INTERPRETATION examines the idea that "to each his own". This is a unique, personal mantra, that when brought together with other views, can create harmony or stir chaos, while stimulating conversation and building connections. The artists' renderings contextualize and visualize feelings of jubilation, intrigue, curiosity, passion, sadness and other emotional expressions.

Our theme is POWERFUL VOICES: AFRICA and the AMERICAS. African-American, African, and Caribbean art made an increasingly vital contribution to the exhibit.  Decorative arts included:  ceramics, furniture, quilts, sculptures, paintings, jewelry, and photography. This captive art produces cultural diversity and a synthesis of cultures that mirrored American society as a whole.